Thursday, February 12, 2009

An easy slipcovering lesson.........

One of my recent projects (just this week) was to make a slipcover for my daughter's ottoman. The process had been in my mind for quite a while but I hadn't had the time to do the creating. Since she and her roommate were planning a little pre-Valentine's/housewarming event this weekend in their new home I put other things aside and got started on the project.

Here is a picture of the ottoman......I think you can see why she wanted a slipcover!

I am trying to do better about reduce/reuse/recycle, so I wanted to use repurposed items rather than new. I went through my "stash" and found a satin pillow sham in earthy colors and a pale gold velvet bedskirt that coordinated perfectly. The sham was cut to fit the top of the ottoman and the ruffle from the bedskirt was measured and cut to fit around all four sides of the ottoman.''

Once the length of bedskirt was pinned to the cut-to-fit pillow sham, it was just a matter of stitching them together, turning them right-side out and voila! the ottoman had a whole new boho-style look. There was even enough of the pillow sham left to make a matching pillow for my daughter's sofa!

This project was simple enough that anyone with basic skills on the sewing machine could do it.

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CaraMia ♥Hippie Couture♥ said...

wow, i love it! very creative. the boho design is "in" right now. :)