Saturday, January 17, 2009

The ongoing saga of the fainting sofa......

Hello friends......The Saga of the Fainting Sofa continues. Have you ever had a Magnificent that you visualized completely in your mind and knew it just had to happen? Well, such was The Saga of the Fainting Sofa.

As you may recall from previous posts I was busy clothing the fainting sofa in all kinds of velvet, lace and brocades. This was all in preparation for its debut in The Parlor I planned to create in my cottage shop. Well, so clear was my vision of The Parlor, with the fainting sofa and Victorian mantel and fireplace as the main characters, that I cleared the room of everything and began the transformation. The fireplace and mantel went right in.....along came a shabby writing desk and pretty Eastlake style armchair. An old Victrola that I snatched from my mom's garage over Christmas came along too, soon to be painted and shabbied up. And now it was finally time for the Grand Entrance of the Fainting Sofa! TA-DA!!! Did I mention it had been waiting right inside the front door in the living room all this time? And did I mention that it would have to make a 45 degree turn through a 3x4 foot hallway to enter The Parlor? And did I also fail to mention that all of the interior doorways in the 1920s cottage measure 30 inches wide and the fainting sofa which measured 29 inches on one end measured 37 inches on the other end? guessed it, there was no way on earth that fainting sofa was going through the doorway or turning in that hallway. I was crushed as My Big Plan which just wasn't going to happen, at least not with the fainting sofa. So the moral to this story is time you have a Big Plan, take a tape measure along with you!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of Plan B.......executing My Big Plan without the fainting sofa.